Dementia Collection: Children & Young People

My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia by Lynda Moore, illustrated by George Haddon

This book breaks down misconceptions about dementia and speaks directly to children aged under 5 about the realities of the disease, using age-appropriate language in an engaging and informative way. Age 3-5

Elmer and the Gift by David McKee

Elmer’s love, patience and respect for his Aunt Zelda and Grandpa Eldo makes for a heart-warming depiction of family life with elderly relatives, and deftly deals with themes relating to dementia with love and respect. Age 3-5

The Memory Book: A reassuring story about understanding dementia by Louise Gooding, illustrated by Erika Meza

A reassuring story about the love between a little girl and her grandma, with practical information to help young children understand dementia and the changes it can bring. Age 4-6

I Remember by Jeanne Willis

George’s granny is quite forgetful. Sometimes, she can’t even remember George’s name. But George doesn’t mind. Together they play in the garden, dance, and share chocolate biscuits. Age 3-5

The Stickleback Catchers by Lisette Auto

Mimi adores her wild, fun, full-of-life Gran. Then Gran starts forgetting things. Suddenly there are cracks appearing all around their home – and a mysterious black crow – both of which only Mimi seems able to see.
Mimi is determined to solve the mystery. Luckily, she has new friends to help: Titch and Nusrat. Together, they’re the Stickleback Catchers: solvers of puzzles and seekers of adventure. Age 9 – 12

Talking to the Moon by S.E. Durrant

Iris’s grandmother, Mimi, has started to put jam on her scrambled eggs and tie blue ribbons around her fingers to remind her of stuff. Her house, always full of things, is becoming harder and harder to navigate, and when Iris goes to stay, she feels as if a whole life is becoming muddled up. As her grandmother’s memory fades, a mystery is uncovered. Who is Coral, and what happened to her? Age 9-12

Hour of the Bees by Lindsay Eager

When Carol and her family move to his deserted ranch to transfer her grandfather to a care home, Carol struggles to cope with the suffocating heat and the effects of her grandfather’s dementia. Bees seem to be following her around, but the drought means this is impossible. She must be imagining things. Yet when her grandfather chooses her as the subject for his stories – tales of a magical healing tree, a lake, and the grandmother she never knew – Carol sees glimmers of something special in what her parents dismiss as Serge’s madness. Age 11-12

The Stories Grandma Forgot (and How I Found Them) by Nadine Aisha

Twelve-year-old Nyla’s dad died when she was four, or that’s what she’s been told. So when Grandma Farida insists she saw him in the supermarket, Nyla wonders if she is ‘time-travelling’ again – the phrase she uses when Grandma forgets. But when Grandma asks Nyla to find her dad and bring him home, Nyla promises that she will.Age 9-11