Restoring a Wetland Flower Meadow in Church Stretton

Friends of Church Stretton Library are delighted that Dr Isabel Carter of the Stretton Wetlands Interest Group has offered to give our first Zoom slide talk. We will be hosting more zoom events in May and June.

Wednesday 14th April, 7.30pm–8.30pm (via Zoom)

Earlier this year, the Middle Marches Community Land Trust, in collaboration with Stretton Wetlands Interest Group, purchased a 3-acre wetlands site located to the South of Church Stretton.

Dr Isabel Carter of the Stretton Wetlands Interest Group, will describe the history of the area, finding from surveys and future aims for the site include the restoration of a wetland flower meadow – one of the UK’s most threatened habitats. There will be an opportunity to submit questions to the speaker.

To book a place: email

Admission is free but donations appreciated

Light & Thank You

Online Poetry Event

Saturday 27th March, 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Friends of Church Stretton Library will host a ZOOM reading of poems by you, their authors, and by other notable poets on two themes              Light and Thank you (to be interpreted as freely as you like).

If you have a poem to share on the themes of Light or Thank you either your own, or a poem you love which is not under copyright, or both, please email by 21st March latest.

Audience-only participants please sign up to the event by 24th March to find out more, or book your place, contact Joanna Clarkemail:

Town Park Survey

Statement from trustees of Friends of Church Stretton Library

Our charity’s purpose, written into our constitution, is to support the provision of a community library and information centre in Church Stretton.

Support for the information centre was included in our constitution as we recognised its importance to local residents, as well as to supporting the local economy by attracting tourists into town.

We were surprised to discover that the current Town Council consultation on the Town Park asks people for their views about putting a Visitor Information Centre in the town park, together with a car park with an entrance from the A49.

The Visitor Information Centre is currently housed in the library in the centre of town. It used to be fully staffed and paid for by Shropshire council. A few years ago Shropshire Council slashed its tourism budget and cut its tourism staff almost completely. Church Stretton library staff agreed to absorb the work of the Visitor Information Centre at no additional cost, as they recognised its importance to the town.

The costs of running the Visitor Information centre in Church Stretton are therefore currently absorbed into the running costs of the library.

A new Visitor Information Centre would incur costs for building, maintenance (including energy bills), insurance and staffing.

No information is provided as a background to the Town Council’s consultation as to where the funding would come for a Visitor Information Centre in the town park.

We are also concerned that putting the Visitor Information Centre on a site by the A49 outside the main town would encourage motorists to park there, pick up some leaflets and then possibly drive elsewhere. Such visitors would not enter the town.  Our Local shops, pubs and cafes rely on the tourism trade to remain in business.

We would urge the Town Council to temporarily withdraw this questionnaire until full background documentation can be provided. This documentation should, as a minimum, provide information on likely costs / benefits / impact on each of the substantive questions.

The town park survey is only available online – You can find it here

Those without computer access can telephone 01694 722113 or write to the Town Council and ask for a paper copy of the survey.

Coping with our feelings – A Reading Well for Children online event

Coping with our feelings – A Reading Well for Children online event

Free zoom event for parents with their children run by Shropshire Libraries

Join staff from Shropshire Libraries and explore books and activities from the Reading Well Collection for Children.

As parents we all want to help our children come to terms with the current situation. Join with your children to explore books and activities from the Reading Well Collection for Children.

This online event is delivered by Shropshire Libraries and is suitable for children aged 7+

For more information and book a place click here

Booking required 24 hours before the event

Computer access available in the library during lockdown

You can now have emergency access to a computer in the library during lockdown. Please see below for more information regarding this as well as the Ready Read service on offer during lockdown.

Please telephone the library on 01694 722535 if you want to book a computer session or enquire as to what is considered an emergency.

If shopping with Amazon, do it with a smile

The local shops are important to the community and help the community in various ways. They have lost a lot of trade as a result of the pandemic. If they are to survive they need local people to shop there when they can. Some local shops closed at present are still taking orders either online or by telephone .

However, if you are shopping with Amazon please use Amazon Smile by going into Amazon via

This allows you to nominate Friends of Church Stretton Library to receive 0.5% of the price of your purchases every time you shop with Amazon. So please make use of Amazon smile and help us raise funds for the library.