Shropshire Council Finances and Cuts to Services for 2022/23

Shropshire Council are running a consultation asking people their views on savings they propose to introduce in the next financial year.

Shropshire Council propose to plug the gap in funding they face by

  • Increasing council tax by 3.99% (maximum allowed) to raise approx. £6.9 million pounds
  • Make savings of approx. £10.5 million
  • Take £13 million pounds from their financial reserves.

The proposed savings include £244,430 in library provision. We do not at this point of time know how these proposed savings will affect the library in Church Stretton but will keep you informed as we find out more.

Other savings mentioned in the consultation include

  • Various savings in provision of Adult Social Care 
  • Review of parking charges (£350,000)
  • Transport review (£130,000)
  • Review of leisure centres, including income generation (£50,000)

We would urge you to respond to this consultation and let Shropshire Council hear your thoughts on this.

If you do not feel you have sufficient background information to answer some of the questions in the consultation you are able to skip them and move to the next one, but we would still encourage you to highlight any concerns you might have in the text box below each Directorate’s questions.

The consultation can be accessed at  Budget consultation 2022/2023 | Shropshire Council.

Concern about subsequent years funding

Shropshire Council spends approx £554 million every year delivering services across Shropshire. They receive income for this from central government via the Revenue Support Grant as well as from local council tax and business rates.

Over the last few years, the Revenue Support Grant has been reduced at the same time as costs, especially in adult social care and children’s services, have increased.

This year there is a £66 million funding gap between the amount of money that Shropshire Council will receive in 2022/23 and what they require to provide services.

Thankfully they are receiving £36 million in one off grants from central government which will help them meet some of this year’s funding shortfall.

What is of greatest concern is how will Shropshire Council meet this shortfall in the following financial year 2023/24. There is no guarantee they will receive more one off grants from the government for subsequent years and by then they will have fully depleted their revenue reserves.   

We would urge you to respond to this consultation and let Shropshire Council hear your thoughts on this.

The consultation can be accessed at  Budget consultation 2022/2023 | Shropshire Council.

Geology Talk

Church Stretton in the Ice Age

Lighthouse Spout was formed at the end of the ice Age

Speaker:  Dr Peter Toghill, Thursday 17th February 7.30pm -8.30 pm online via zoom

Following his extremely popular talk last year, Peter will this time give an introduction to the impact of the ice age on the local landscape

The Church Stretton Valley already existed before the “Ice Age” which started over Britain about 2.5 million years ago. Little is known about early ice cover in Shropshire, but during the later stages of the Ice Age, between 80,000 and 20,000 years ago, a slow moving ice sheet which moved down from the north, occupied the valley. Melt waters around the edge, and underneath the ice sheet, produced erosion, modifying the shape of the valley and laying down sediments.

About 18,000 years ago the ice sheet started to melt and by 14,000 years ago the valley was completely clear of ice. This talk will look at all the evidence for the presence of ice in the valley, and the features formed during the Ice Age.

To book a place please email

Admission Free but donations appreciated.

Syria Then and Now: 8000 BC to 2022 AD

An illustrated talk by Janet Longstaff

Friday 21st January

URC Hall, 2.30 – 3.30pm   

Syria is a war-torn country. Janet has stayed there three times as an independent visitor. Her last visit was three years before the latest war erupted. She has an on-going interest in events in the Middle East.  Hear about ancient civilizations, a variety of cultures and religions. Find out about some of the interesting people she met.


 To Book: Tel. 01694 724657 or email

EARLY BOOKING ESSENTIAL as numbers may be limited to 30 to enable safe social distancing.   

Visitor Information Centre Update

Earlier this year, Friends of Church Stretton Library purchased display shelves and photos for the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) to improve the decor. In August we began what was meant to be a 6-week pilot to open the VIC on Mondays and Wednesdays when the library is normally closed.

This was such a resounding success that we continued opening the VIC on Mondays & Wednesdays through October and November. As visitor numbers to the area have dwindled we are taking a break but will begin opening again on Mondays & Wednesdays from February – if the pandemic permits.

We discovered that visitors frequently ask for short circular walks from Church Stretton, so a few of our volunteers are trying out a few routes over the Christmas break hoping to be able to provide visitors leaflets with these walks early next year.

A big thank you too all the volunteers who have helped make this a success and also to  Alexis Seaborne  who provided training and a manual of instructions for the volunteers.

A full report of this pilot can be downloaded from our website here





An online talk

Deer Including Reindeer

A zoom talk by Aiden Foster, president of the British Deer Veterinary Association

Aiden will briefly outline the six main species of wild deer in the UK and their various potential interaction with human activities.

As the Christmas period approaches the media usually tend to focus their seasonal interest in a seventh species of deer – the reindeer.

An overview will be given of some of the unusual features of reindeer that includes their antlers, why they don’t always do well living near sheep and why we cannot import them from Scandinavia

Thursday 9th Dec, 7.30pm via zoom

To book a place email churchstretton

Admission Free but donations welcome

Local History Talk

Old Church Stretton

High Street, Church Stretton, looking South Photo by R.L.Bartlett

Speaker Tony Crowe

Thursday 25th November, 2.30 pm

The Silvester Horne Institute

Tony Crowe will present the first of two illustrated talks on ‘Old Church Stretton. The talks will be based upon Tony’s large collection of photographs of Church Stretton, both old and new, which he has put together since he began collecting in 1976.

The first talk will have as its main theme the road which runs through the town, now the Shrewsbury Road and the High Street, and the many changes which have taken place along it over the years.

A second talk, which will take place in the Spring, will cover the changes and development which have taken place elsewhere in the town as it has grown in size and gradually changed from a village in which life centres around agriculture into the much larger and more varied community which exists today.

The recent reprint of Tony Crowe and Barrie Raynor’s book ‘Church Stretton through the ages’ will also be on sale at the event.

Tickets are £5 – pay on the door

All proceeds from the event will go to Friends of Church Stretton Library