Library during lockdown

During lockdown the library will be closed, but they will be offering a click & collect service.

There are three ways to request books

 1) Completing the online request form which can be found here

 2) Phoning the library on 01694 722535

 3) Emailing

NB Not everyone in Church Stretton has internet access so many people will not be aware of this. Please let other library users know about this service and that if they do not ahve internet access they can access it by telephoning the library on 01694 722535.

Please also offer to collect books for people who might struggle to get to the library in person.

When requesting books you will be asked which subjects/genres interest you most. You will be unable to request specific titles but staff will select appropriate books based on your interests.

All books will have been quarantined for at least three days before being issued.

Once your books are ready for collection, they will contact you.

The library will be open for book collection on:

· Thursday         10am – 12pm 1pm-4pm

· Tuesday          10am – 12pm 1pm-4pm

· Friday             10am – 12pm 1pm-4pm

· Saturday         10am—1pm

Books can also be returned during these times

One thought on “Library during lockdown”

  1. Thanks Sheila, very happy to see the library can still function for ‘click and collect’. Checked the Shropshire website Tuesday and Wednesday and no mention of closing so naively thought it would stay open , like schools., so didn’t go in on Tuesday.
    Appreciate your work, many thanks,

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