Home delivery and Take Away – for people unable to get out at the moment

Many of our local traders and pubs are providing take away and home delivery services for people unable to get out at the moment.

We have compiled a list of what is on offer – with telephone numbers for people without the internet.

Please note that traders and pubs might not be able to continue providing a service advertised should their circumstances change

If you know of someone who might find this information useful please telephone them and let them know


7 thoughts on “Home delivery and Take Away – for people unable to get out at the moment”

  1. Precisely what’s required. Assurance like this really puts your mind at rest and emphasizes the positive. I wish all these businesses well .

  2. What a great community we have in and around Church Stretton. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and put together this excellent list of available help. Greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi I rang green dragon to enquire a bout the delivery service ,,,,,engaged rang again two minutes later and voice told that itcould. Not take messages orcontact me has something changed?

    1. Hi Mike – I have heard on the grapevine that they have stopped doing the delivery service as they were concerned about the risk to their staff.

      1. Yesiu derstand that it is cancelledwith “a heavy heart”
        I used the Greek menu from bucks head Saturday evening the food was good pub food standard porttions very large will use them agaainin future

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